What is it all about?

wasl properties first launched its ‘Ramadan Drawing Competition’ in 2011. Following the success of previous years, we reprise the competition each year, but in a different way. In line with the Year of Tolerance, we encourage our residents to join us during the Holy Month by creating, crafting, or performing a work of art that portrays what tolerance means to them. Themes could include understanding, patience, brotherhood, respect, peace, and everything else that a tolerant environment should support.

The theme

– Giving, generosity, aid and charity.
– Patience, brotherhood, peace and other noble values.

To enter the competition

Simple! You can submit a poem, write a story, create a sculpture, upload a video through a URL or just take a picture to; there is no limit to your creativity. In case you want to upload a video, then you may upload the mp4 file onto your YouTube Channel and copy the link URL to this microsite.

The weekly prize winner will win a Nintendo. The grand prize winner will win a scholarship with a value of up to AED 25,000.

wasl Ramadan Competition

Week Submitting Paintings Voting Closes Announcement of Winner
1 May 5 - 9 May 11 May 12
2 May 12 - 16 May 18 May 19
3 May 19 - 23 May 25 May 26
4 May 26 - 30 June 1 June 2

Grand prize winner announcement 11 June 2019

Click here to see the winners