What is it all about?

wasl properties first launched its ‘Ramadan Drawing Competition’ in 2011. Following the success of previous years, we will continue with a Ramadan competition, in a different way. In line with Year of Zayed, we encourage our residents, especially their children, to join us this Holy month by creating, crafting, singing art that portrays what Zayed means to them. Themes could include generosity, patience, brotherhood, charity, peace and everything else The Late Sheikh Zayed taught us.

The theme

– Giving, generosity, aid and charity.
– Patience, brotherhood, peace and other noble values.

To enter the competition

Simple! You can submit a poem, write a story, create a sculpture, upload a video through a URL or just take a picture to; there is no limit to your creativity. In case you want to upload a video, then you may upload the mp4 file onto your YouTube Channel and copy the link URL to this microsite.

The weekly prize winner will win a Nintendo. The grand prize winner will win a scholarship with a value of up to AED 25,000.

wasl Ramadan Competition